Transportation. We pick up men and women who are released from prison and make sure they have a safe place to go. We also provide transport to court, jobs, probation appearances, shopping, church services and other important engagements.

Housing and Employment. The challenges of finding housing and work as a registered offender can be overwhelming. MVM leverages a network of contacts throughout Florida to locate opportunities that aren’t always accessible through normal channels. We do our best to keep men and women close to home and employed in their areas of expertise.

Legal Advocacy. Working in cooperation with legal counsel, we accompany those facing legal charges to court. Where appropriate, we will advocate for alternate sentencing such as house arrest, probation, and various court-approved programs.

Speaking Services. Many sex offenders are branded with that label through accidental or innocent circumstances. Federal and state laws can ensnare underage high-school sweethearts, an adult who looks at the wrong website, and a host of other scenarios that often fail to appear risky until it’s too late.

Miracle Village Ministries’ leaders are available to speak to your church, school or group to shed light on these dangers. Call (863) 801-0828 for more information.

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