Pat Powers, Executive Director
Jan TenBarge, Director
Brandon Deyo, Director of Operations

Our desire is to continue the work that was imparted to us by the great men of God who had a vision for this ministry.

We believe that we have been called as advocates for those who have paid their debt to society and would like to become productive citizens once again.

Our dream is to reach as many people as possible who require our help. These include men and women facing criminal charges and prison sentences, the incarcerated, those who will soon be released, and the families of them all. We also feel a heavy burden to educate those in the general public and churches on the dangers of some very common practices that could put them behind bars and devastate their lives. We long for and work toward the day when there are no more victims.

God will be faithful. This we know. If you feel that He is using you as an instrument in His plan for Miracle Village Ministries, please accept our deepest appreciation.

Pat Powers


Jan TenBarge


Brandon Deyo


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