Pat Powers

Executive Director

Miracle Village Ministries

Pat Powers

Pat Powers is a born-again Christian and advocate for registered sex offenders who have paid their debt to society and would like to become productive citizens again. After serving for 12 years in a ministry that provided housing and guidance for offenders, he founded Miracle Village Ministries, a faith-based prison aftercare ministry based in Pahokee, Florida.

As Executive Director, Mr. Powers leads all aspects of the ministry’s work, from intake screenings and transportation to housing placement and support during court appearances. His years of experience shaping programs and services that help sex offenders have earned him the respect of many in the criminal justice, social service and religious communities. He measures the impact of Miracle Village Ministries by the people it serves: “Success is witnessing a person persevere through hard times and – against all odds – establish a life that he or she can be proud of.”

  • Reintegration counselor helping offenders and their families navigate the maze of requirements and challenges in rejoining society after incarceration.
  • Housing and employment facilitator leveraging a network of contacts throughout Florida to locate opportunities.
  • Advocate for those facing charges in court, working in cooperation with legal counsel to secure reduced charges, sentences and probation when appropriate.
  • Public Speaker on sex offense prevention and the dangers of the Internet, social media and other common practices.

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