Jan TenBarge

Jan TenBarge, Director

Team building skills, a passion for helping people, and a willingness to do whatever needs to be done are three traits that make Jan TenBarge the ideal second in command at Miracle Village Ministries.

Having worked side by side with Executive Director Pat Powers for 12 years at Matthew 25 Ministries, Jan is no stranger to the multifaceted needs of those facing an uphill reintegration journey following time in prison. She takes a hands-on approach to her position and is heavily involved in all aspects of the ministries’ operations, from intake screenings and transportation to housing placement and legal advocacy court appearances.

Jan’s career includes significant chapters in adult education, restaurant management, and bookkeeping. Her diverse experience guides her ability to encourage those who turn to the ministry for help and manage the daily details of the aftercare program and its processes.

She defines success as “Helping someone move from one place in his or her life to another, better place.” It’s a definition that that fits her Miracle Village Ministries influence perfectly.

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