Brandon Deyo

Brandon Deyo, Director Of Operations

Brandon Deyo has a wide range of duties at Miracle Village Ministries, which include organizing events and activities, overseeing finances, and making contacts and setting meetings with service and resource providers for the prison aftercare program.

Prior to joining the MVM team, Brandon served in the Air Force and worked for the West Palm Beach chapter of the Tree of Life Foundation, a global initiative that advocates on behalf of the underserved.

Having struggled to put his own adversities and incarceration behind him, Brandon comes well qualified to appreciate the trials of those seeking to rebuild their lives after serving time in prison. “This role gives me numerous opportunities to help people who have fallen to experience God’s love and find new purpose,” he reflects. “I feel like a day is wasted if it goes by without having served someone.”

When things get a little stressful, Brandon takes a cue from a major influence in his life, getting away to enjoy nature and decompress. “The Bible shows that even Jesus took time to be alone and collect his thoughts. If it’s good enough for Him, it’s good enough for me.”

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