About Us

At Miracle Village Ministries we help rebuild lives. The men and women we serve meet strict criteria, based on professional research which identifies those least likely to face charges again. Our staff has years of experience providing help and hope to registered sex offenders who have served their time and would like to rejoin society.

Miracle Villages Ministries has opened new offices at 2820 East Main Street in Pahokee in a building that was once home to a laundry mat. The site is home base for MVM’s prison aftercare ministry operations and includes an apartment for the executive director and a small emergency housing space for those awaiting residential placement.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations have become a great encouragement to those who have often been abandoned by family and friends. Miracle Village Ministries’ birthday events, in partnership with First United Methodist Church of Pahokee, include a dinner, cake and fellowship.

2820 East Main Street   |   Pahokee, FL 33476   |  863-801-0828